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The Bonfiglioli AxiaVert series is designed to allow great flexibility and the highest levels of performance, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The AxiaVert series' modular design offers integrated functional safety, optional encoder evaluation (including digital encoders like Hiperface DSL and EnDat 2.2), open communication protocols for compliance with Industry 4.0 standards, and an intuitive GUI for commissioning and monitoring.


  • Main options

    • Wide range of frame sizes and electrical power sizes for different mains voltages
    • Different mounting variants and cooling options
    • Different field bus options such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, CANopen
    • Optional keypad module with USB-C compatible connector for PC connection
    • Optional Bluetooth module for connection to PC or smartphone
    • Optional first and second encoder module. Optional encoder support: TTL, Resolver, SinCos, Hiperface, Hiperface DSL, EnDat 2.1,EnDat 2.2, SSI
    • Available accessories include mains chokes, filters, brake resistors
    • Optional cable sets for connection to BMD and BMS motors

    • Integrated functional safety in accordance with SIL 3 (EN 61508) and PL e (EN 13849-1), with a choice of three different variants:
    • Basic variant: STO - Safe Torque Off, SBC - Safe Brake Control
    • Standard variant: STO - Safe Torque Off, SBC - Safe Brake Control, SS1 - Safe Stop 1 (t)
    • Motion variant: STO - Safe Torque Off, SBC - Safe Brake Control, SS1 - Safe Stop 1 (t), SS1 - Safe Stop 1 (r+t+d) (also sensorless), SS2 - Safe Stop 2 (r+t+d), SOS - Safe Operating Stop, SLS - Safely Limited Speed (also sensorless), SLS-SL - Safely Limited Speed-Sliding Limit (also sensorless), SDI - Safe Direction, SSM - Safe Speed Monitor (also sensorless), SLP - Safely Limited Position, FSoE - Functional Safety over EtherCAT
    • All functional safety features are currently pending certification
  • Degree of protection

    IP20 (EN 60529)
  • Certifications

  • Conformity

    CE conformity:
    • 2014/35/EU (Low voltage directive)
    • 2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic compatibility directive)
    • 2011/65/EU (RoHS directive)
    • EN61800-5-1:2007 (Adjustable speed electrical power
    drive systems - Safety requirements - Electrical, thermal
    and energy)
    • EN61800-3:2004 + A1:2012 (Adjustable speed
    electrical power drive systems - EMC requirements and
    specific test methods)
    • EN61800-9-2:2018 (Adjustable speed electrical power
    drive systems - Ecodesign for power drive systems,
    motor starters, power electronics and their driven
  • Power supply & Power range

    AXV20: 0.25-3 kW / single-phase
    184 - 240 V (+10%) / 50 - 60 Hz (+-10 %)

    AXV20: 0.25-9.2 kW / three-phase
    184 - 240 V (+10%) / 50 - 60 Hz (+-10 %)

    AXV40: 0.25-15 kW / three phase
    380 (-15 %) - 480 V (+10 %) / 50-60 Hz (+-10 %)

    up to 150 % overload for 60 s
    up to 300 % overload for 2 s
  • Software features

    • Positioning function via fieldbus (motion control compatible to CiA DS402)
    • Rotary table control
    • Master/slave function with electronic gear
    • Power failure management for controlled ramp down
    • Functions for lift, crane and winch applications
    • Spindle control
    • Motor supervision functions (i.e. I²t, software motor switch, encoder supervision)
    • Traverse function for winders
    • Programmable reference value channel
    • Programmable start and stop characteristics
    • Position, speed or torque control
    • Programmable S curve
    • 4 data sets
    • Auto startup and commissioning
    • Auto reset after failure
    • Auto start after power failure
    • PID controller
    • Jerk-free torque/speed changeover
    • Friction-free mechanical brake control
    • Pre-setup controllers (Current, Speed, Torque, Position) with wide adjustability
    • Adjustable current limit control
    • Smart current limits
    • Comprehensive monitoring and protection capabilities
    • High-speed control
    • 3 different brake management functions
    • Belt monitoring / Low current detection
    • Input and output phase monitoring
    • Adjustable voltage controller
    • Motor potentiometer
  • Hardware features

    • Integrated functional safety (3 different functional safety variants to choose from)
    • DC 24 V input (two-pin connector for easy wiring)
    • DC 24 V output
    • Integrated brake chopper
    • Dedicated brake control output (DC 24 V / 3 A)
    • DC link connection
    • Standard HTL encoder interface
    • 2 optional encoder slots for absolute encoder, resolver or TTL
    • Motor temperature monitoring
    • Plug-in power terminals (up to 15kW)
    • Plug-in and programmable control terminals
    • 5 digital inputs
    • 1 digital input/output
    • 1 multifunction input
    • 1 analog output
    • 1 analog input
    • 1 relay output (changeover contact)
    • Jumper to switch easily between TN mains and IT mains (up to 15 kW)

    Power accessories:
    • Brake resistors
    • Line chokes
    • EMC filters

  • Mounting options

    • Cabinet mounting for all sizes
    • Optional feed-through mounting
    • Optional ColdPlate

  • Motor options

    Motor control (with or without encoder):

    • Asynchronous AC motors
    • Synchronous reluctance motors
    • Permanent-magnet synchronous motors

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