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The synchronous reluctance motor guarantees a sustainable ecological solution which decreases the total environmental impact thanks to the absence of magnets and increased efficiency. Reduced operating costs allow a fast return. This product benefits from the proven simplicity and reliability of induction motors and the higher efficiency of synchronous motors.


  • Key benefits

    Both Bonfiglioli packages are IES2 according to the International Efficiency of Systems (IES) classification for the drive and motor combination (IEC 61800-9-2).
  • Main options

    Thermal protection
    Silicon sensor KTY 84-130
    Thermistor PTC 150
    Platinum sensor PT1000
    Forced ventilation
    Power supply 1 phase 230V (frame 71-100) 3-400V Y (frame 112-132)
    Double extended shaft
    External mechanical protection
    Rotor balancing grade B
  • Degree of protection

    IP56 (optional)
  • Motors

    Rated motor power
    0.37 ... 9.2 kW

    Rated motor power
    0.55 ... 18.5 kW
  • Motor options

    Motor mounting
    B3; B5; B14

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  • Product Catalogue –Synchronous Reluctance Motors-BSR
  • Datasheet-BSR_ENG
  • Installation use and service manual BSR Series

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