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BRT was born in 1996 in Bologna with tha aim of creating a slender, dynamic and flexible organization able to give assistance to the Bonfiglioli Group customers relatively to after sales market products, all around the globe.
  • 1996

    B.R.T. has been established for the Domestic market.

  • 1997

    We moved to the actual premise, a larger and better located facility.

  • 1998

    We became exclusive supplier for Bonfiglioli Angular Gearbox 

    (Series RAO)

  • 2000

    We extended our presence worldwide and full integration with Bonfiglioli sales network

  • 2004

    We Obtained quality certification ISO 9001:2000/2008

  • 2009

    We installed a highly Automatic & Integrated Warehouse (System Logistics)

  • 2010

    We became exclusive supplier for mechanical Bonfiglioli Variator (Series V)

  • 2011

    Complete migration and integration with Bonfiglioli Riduttori management software

  • 2011

    In 2011 BRT became a reference point for AS products in the european market

  • 2013

    We installed a new assembly center for Shaft Mounted Gearbox (Series TA 70 up to 125)

  • 2014

    BRT has devised an important plan of investments for growing in efficiency: we adopted new integrated solutions like the update of operating systems & infrastructure, a newer interactive website and a greater integration with Bonfiglioli production factories and warehouses in order to improve the delivery times and the dispatch precision of all the customer orders.

  • 2016

    in this year we began our plant expansion adding further covered areas dedicated to warehouse and production

  • 2018

    A network infrastructure update program has been launched (WiFi coverage enhancement for materials handling management using radio frequency in all plant areas)

  • 2019

    We completed our tech. upgrade by installing new high-speed network and fiber equipments as well as new servers with greater computing power and redundancy to drastically reduce downtime risks

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