Ricambi700T series

Yaw and Pitch Drive with Torque Limiter.
Ricambi prodotti Bonfiglioli 700T series

For both Yaw and Pitch drive applications, Bonfiglioli has created a torque limiter which significantly reduces downtime in the case of stopping the transmission of wind turbines when peak torque has been reached and also reduces maintenance costs.

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Technical data

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Rated Torque range
8000 ... 120000 Nm

Peak Torque Range
5000 ... 300000 Nm

Reduction Ratios
1:600 ... 3000

Key Features of Torque Limiter
External to gearbox* for fast and easy replacement - no longer necessary to replace the entire gearbox
Limits peak of torque to avoid failure
Shuts down gearbox if torque limit is reached
Fully interchangeable with older gearboxes - can be included in replacement drives for greater long-term reliability and reduced costs

Gearbox Configuration
Flange mounted
Output shaft: with integral pinion (type: F, N, U)
Rugged design
High torque capacity
Output shafts supported by high load capacity bearings

Applicable AC motors
Compact motors and brake motors M/ME series
IEC motors and brake motors BN/BE series

Main Brake Motor Features
DC and AC brake

Main brake features
AC/DC rectifier
Double disc brake
Thermal sensors

(*) The torque limiter is located inside an easily removable and replaceable cartridge, which is integrated into a VF 110 worm gear.  It is only possible in a right angle solution.

The indicated data are for reference only; please contact Bonfiglioli for more detailed information.