RicambiRPS Station ICON-LV CN - Turnkey solution for China

Turnkey inverter solutions for complete photovoltaic field management
Ricambi prodotti Bonfiglioli RPS Station ICON-LV CN - Turnkey solution for China

Bonfiglioli’s RPS Stations provide turnkey solutions for complete photovoltaic field management in a vast range of power ratings, from 1000KWac to to 2000 kW ac designed for the Chinese market

RPS TL modular inverters, the heart of every Bonfiglioli RPS Station, guarantee high system yield thanks to a choice of modular or centralised engineering, produced in China with the same German technology and quality that distinguishes all Bonfiglioli inverters. 

RPS Stations are suitable for use even in extreme climates as for example critical environmental condition, thanks to special systems that ensure effective cabin temperature control. 

RPS Stations are equipped with certified, state of-the-art electrical systems and conform to all applicable legislations.

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Technical data

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Main features: 

- Rated power of 1000 kW AC, 1250 kW AC and 2000 kW AC, suitable for a wide range of roof and ground installations 

- Cabin ISO container for an easier transportation and handling 

- Plug & Play products to reduce the installation and maintenance cost and risks 

- Assembled and tested in the factory according to Bonfiglioli’s strict Quality Control Plan; 

- Control of temperature through forced air ventilation system, heater and/or air conditioning 

- High power density per product (up to 2000 kWac per station) with high number of MPPT (up to 10 MPPT per station) to reduce the fault and mismatch effects; 

- Excellent environmental adaptability (sand, dust, moisture)