RicambiRPS TL CN - Solar Inverter for China

Solar inverters with excellent productivity granting the system reliability
Ricambi prodotti Bonfiglioli RPS TL CN - Solar Inverter for China

The excellent productivity level and system reliability of Bonfiglioli’s RPS TL inverter series not only means advanced inverter technology, but also offers a unique solution designed to optimize the ROI (return on investment) of your medium to large-scale PV installation. 

The modular approach guarantees increased energy efficiency, available either in Multi-MPPT configuration for minimum mismatching losses, or in Master-Slave configuration for the highest efficiency even at low irradiation levels. 

Excellent reliability is achieved by the application of intelligent monitoring functions and top-quality components, including faster, safer, fault-free connections. Thanks to its modular design, system performance is maintained at elevated levels at all times and in all conditions, even in the presence of faults. 

Advanced grid management features ensure optimized system operability in a wide range of conditions throughout the world. We have already got the Golden Sun and LVRT certification in China. The excellent performance and handling of the TL series has been confirmed by countless customers worldwide; in fact TL’s total installed power now exceeds the 1.5 Gigawatt mark, and TL has been applied in some of the largest PV projects ever built. 

With nearly 30 years experience in power conversion, Bonfiglioli is a preferred supplier and partner for market leaders around the world.

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Technical data

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Technical specifications: 

- Power rating 570 kWp and 1130 kWp (500 kWac and 1000 kWac) 

- Modular design ensuring highest system availability 

- Multi MPPT or Master-Slave configuration to optimize photovoltaic field output 

- Max. Efficiency: 98.6% 

- HMI - Advanced grid management features