RicambiTQF – Precision Planetary Gearbox

Precision Planetary Flanged Gearbox
Ricambi prodotti Bonfiglioli TQF – Precision Planetary Gearbox

TQF feature a higher positioning.
This Planetary Gearbox is particularly well suited for high positioning accuracy, dynamic cyclic operations and compact solutions for motion control, automation, and robotic.
Highest torsional stiffness, tilting moment and compactness are main characteristic of this excellent product.

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Technical data

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Torque range
30 ... 800 Nm

Maximum acceleration torque

45 ... 1200 Nm

Transmission ratios
4 ... 100

Output configuration

Flange mounting

Input configuration
Wide range of coupling configurations to suit most common servomotors


Food grade synthetic lubricant

Lubricated for life

TypeRated torque [Nm]Acceleration torque [Nm]
TQF 0603045
TQF 07070100
TQF 090200300
TQF 130400600
TQF 1608001200
TQF features two classes of precision, corresponding to the following values of circumferential backlash
1-stage 5’
2-stage 7’