RicambiANG Series

Performance, Smartness, Precision
Ricambi prodotti Bonfiglioli ANG Series

With the new servo inverter series ANG Active Next Generation, Bonfiglioli expands its Drive portfolio. This solutions has been designed for providing machine builders a High Performance. The integrated new micro controller allows the enhancement of new functionalities such as Cyclic Synchronous Positioning mode with cubic interpolation, Brake control, and evaluation of feedback contact.

Bonfiglioli develops Active Next Generation to meet the specific requirements of special machinery in a large range of Industries. With this new servo inverter series, Bonfiglioli offers the broadest connectivity with the most advanced control technology and the highest Power density.

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Technical data

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Power Range (ANG210)
0.25 ... 9.2 kW / 1- or 3-ph 200 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz (± 10%)

Power Range (ANG410)

0.25 ... 400 kW (1200 kW in parallel connection)
3-phase 360 - 480 V / 50 - 60 Hz (± 10%)

Power Range (ANG610)

160 ... 400 kW (1200 kW in parallel connection)
3-phase 690 V / 50 - 60 Hz (± 10%)

Type of Control

Vector sensor less and closed loop control for Permanent Magnets, Induction and Synchronous Reluctance machines.

Overload Capacity

150% for 60 seconds and 200% for 1 second

Switching Frequency

2, 4, 8, 12, 16 kHz (depending on size)


IP20 (EN 60529)

EMC Filter

Integrated up to 9.2 kW (EN 61800-3)

Main Standard Hardware features

• Integrated safe torque off (STO Sil 2) function
• External 24Vdc supply
• Integrated dynamic braking module
• DC link connection
• Various feedback sensors
• Encoder interface for Resolver
• Cubic Interpolation
• Probe function

Optional Expansion Modules

Expansion of analog, digital inputs and outputs, additional encoder orresolver input, repetition frequency output, System bus

Optional Keypad
Removable keypad KP500 with copy function, Cabinet mounting kit and handheld for keypad

PC Software VPlus
• Windows-based engineering “workbench” with easy interface
• Drive parameters set-up
• Scope function
• Teleservice

Main Software Features

• Positioning function
• Rotary table control
• Master / Slave function with electronic gear
• Power failure regulation
• Function for lift, crane and winch applications
• Spindle control up to 1000Hz
• Traverse function for winders
• Volume flow control