Spare PartsIntegrated AGILE frequency inverter for wind turbines

Easy installation, enhanced system performances with optimized costs.
Bonfiglioli spare parts Integrated AGILE frequency inverter for wind turbines

Integrated Agile - frequency inverter for wind turbines - are available as custom design products on request, for Wind Solutions system integrators.
Integrated Agile inverters can be mounted directly to the motor and represent a very compact alternative to the traditional yaw system without inverter or with the motor supplied by a standard frequency converter installed in a cabinet.

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Technical data

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Power range
1.1kW up to 11kW

Power Supply
3-Phase 320V ... 528V / 45Hz ... 66Hz

Type of control
Innovative control dedicated to open loop drives:
Sensor-less vector speed and torque control for induction motor
Sensor-less vector speed and torque control for brushless motor
Sensor-less V/f scalar control

Type of Motor
Asynchronous AC induction motor
Synchronous AC permanent magnets motor without feedback


Protection rating:: IP55 (EN60529)
Material: robust aluminum
Dimensions LxWxH: (size 1) 260 x 220 x 94 mm, (size 2) 260 x 250 x 120 mm, (size 3) 260 x 280 x 165 mm

Integrated Agile inverters are mechanically designed to match Bonfiglioli asyncronous IM B5 motors.
Size 1 can be mounted onto IEC 90 / 100 / 112 motors
Size 2 can be mounted onto IEC 100 / 112 / 132 motors
Size 3 can be mounted onto IEC 132 / 160 motors

Main Standard Features

built-in EMC filter for straightforward EMC compliance
integrated CANopen / RS485 Modbus / Systembus interfaces
integrated brake chopper transistor
MMC memory cards for easy and fast start up / parameter copying
optional communication Modules: Profibus-DP, Ethernet-based field buses
6 digital inputs, 2 configurable A/D multi-function inputs, +24VDC input, 1 configurable I/O port
1 digital output, 1 configurable A/D/pulse multifunction output, 1 relay, +24VDC output, +10VDC output

Dedicated features for Wind Turbine Yaw Drives

long life: use of film capacitors
operation temperature range: from -10 up to 50°C (special version on request for colder climates)
resistance to harsh ambient conditions (corrosion, high humidity)

Main Software Features

Integrated Safe-Torque-Off function
Four data sets
Drive and motor status backup
Static and dynamic energy saving functions
Maintenance integrated assistant
Integrated PLC functions with graphical editor
Integrated scope function

Size 11.1 ... 2.2
Size 23.0 ... 4.0
Size 35.5 ... 11