Spare Parts700 TW - Wind turbine Pitch Control gear motor

Wind turbine Pitch Control gear motor
Bonfiglioli spare parts 700 TW - Wind turbine Pitch Control gear motor

Bonfiglioli products are used in the latest state-of-the-art wind turbines to control the necessary functions of pitch and yaw drives systems.
The 700T series planetary speed reducers are used by a number of leading wind turbine manufacturers thanks to their advanced technical features, creating the highest level of performance.

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Technical data

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Torque Range
2500 ... 300000 Nm

Gear Ratios
60 ... 3000

Key Features
Flange mounted
Output shaft: splined or with integral pinion
Rugged construction
High torque capacity
Output shafts supported by heavy duty bearings

General features
High transmissible torque
High radial/thrust load capacity
High shock resistance and designed for heavy duty
Wide range of reduction ratios (from 60 up to 3000)
High efficiency
Compact dimensions
Low weight
Low cost

Standards Gears are designed according to ISO 6336
Modular design
In line or right angle design
Different output versions
Input for electric motor (IEC, NEMA and compact)

Construction features
There can be from 3 up to 5 reduction stages(all of them with a planetary design), depending uponthe total required reduction ratio
Each stage may have from 3 up to 4 planets(to increase the deliverable torque)
The gears are made of alloyed steel and are heattreated (case hardening for suns & planets, inductionhardening or nitriding for internal toothed rings)
The planets are supported by roller bearings or fullrollers track bearings to obtain an high efficiency duringthe phases of starting and running
The output housing is made by nodular cast iron anddesigned to hold the heavy loads generated during themachine’s job

Nominal Torque Nm Peak static Torque Nm
703 T2.5004.500
705 T40008000
706 T8.00016.500
707 T12.00025.000
709 T21.00040.000
710 T25.00055.000
711 T35.00070.000
712 T40.00095.000