Spare PartsSolar-Log 2000 PM+ Photovoltaic Monitoring Tool

Efficient monitoring for your installation.
Bonfiglioli spare parts Solar-Log 2000 PM+ Photovoltaic Monitoring Tool

Bonfiglioli’s Solar-Log 2000 PM+ is a monitoring tool for photovoltaic systems designed with a large integrated touchscreen display that allows the tabular and graphic evaluation of installation data. The Solar-Log 2000 PM+ supports real and reactive power control with the help of specially customized accessory packages, PM packets. 

Each Solar-Log supports up to 2MW simultaneously via an RS485 interface, allowing data from each inverter to be read, saved and analysed. Solar-Log 2000 PM+ measures and compares efficiency data for individual strings, monitoring up to 1440 strings consistently, and also compares the performance of individual inverters. This allows malfunctions to be easily and securely diagnosed for all photovoltaic fields. 

The web-based software allows both a tabular and clear graphic display of daily, monthly and annual yields - at any time, and anywhere in the world. Solar-Log 2000 PM+ sends out alarm messages via email or SMS as preferred, and provides a USB connection for data transfer. 

Solar-Log 2000 PM+ does not require any software installation.

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Technical data

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  • Real and reactive power control

  • Fault monitoring: monitoring of each individual inverter

  • Inverter state: status and fault notification forall inverters

  • Evaluation: daily production notification

  • Notifications: by e-mail or SMS or directly on display
  • Inverter parameters: current, voltage, power, DC and AC