Spare PartsRPS Station ICON-LV IN for the Indian market

Accelerating projects from concept to commissioning for the Indian market
Bonfiglioli spare parts RPS Station ICON-LV IN for the Indian market

With the ICON 20-LV series, Bonfiglioli introduces a new design standard for turn-key inverter solutions to the Indian market. These inverter stations provide power ratings up to 1575 kWac in a compact 20 ft ISO-container design. 

At the heart of each station is the proven modular RPS TL inverter series, providing high adaptability to power requirements and string configurations. 

ICON 20-LV stations and RPS TL inverters are produced in India with the same German engineering that distinguishes all Bonfiglioli inverters, achieving high process quality through a standardized platform design. 

ICON 20-LV container solutions feature an active controlled forced-air ventilation system that cleans the inlet air through high-performace anti-dust filters, equipped with sand traps and an intelligent maintenance function. 

Anti-corrosion steel and marine-grade coating guarantee high lifetime in challenging environments. They protect the power electronics equipment and customer auxiliaries from harsh ambients, all the way from shipping through installation to operation. 

ICON 20-LV stations are delivered ready to connect to an external medium-voltage transformer and switchgear, that can be optionally supplied by Bonfiglioli according to local standards.

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Technical data

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Inverter station based on 20 ft ISO-container construction standard made in India: 

  • Up to 1575 kWac in compact footprint 
  • Ready for connection to external mediumvoltage transformer / switchgear (optionally supplied) 
  • Flexibile configuration of power ratings, ambient control features, PV module technology 
  • Space for integration of project-specific auxiliary and communication equipment