Spare Parts700C - Track tensioner gear for marine applications

Intended for pipelayers
Bonfiglioli spare parts 700C - Track tensioner gear for marine applications

Planetary winch gearboxes of the 700C series are developed from the ‘’Trasmital wheel hub gearboxes’’ for hydraulic drive.
The series is composed of 18 finely spaced frame sizes, with torque capacity from 1.000 to 625.000 Nm.
They are available with electric-driven variations without hydraulic brake, and also with in-line and right angled configurations. Strong bearings are included to take radial forces transmitted by pipe tensioners of capacity up to 400T. The gearboxes can be prepared with forced lubrication of the gear train and bearings for an external oil cooling system.

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Technical data

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Hoisting - Luffing winch

2000 ... 260000 Nm


Class approval program
ATEX conformity on demand
Torque ratings are organized by FEM class
The failsafe brake can be integrated inside the gearbox or mounted externally, with common lubrication with the gears
Electric-driven variations are available with both in-line and right angled configurations

TypeTorque Nm
710 C3 B36000
711 C3 B45000
713 C3 B60000
715 C3 B85000
716 C3 B100000
717 C3 H130000
718 C3 H180000
720 C3 H220000
722 C3 H330000
724 C4 H450000
726 C4 H25000