Spare Parts800 - Winch drive

Units specifically designed for winch applications
Bonfiglioli spare parts 800 - Winch drive

The units of the 800 Winch drive series are specifically designed for winch applications, and can be easily accommodated within the drum itself. Available in various gear ratios, units feature heavy duty bearings and an optional failsafe parking or emergency multidisc brake.

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Technical data

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Torque Range
5.000 Nm ... 42.000 Nm

Line rope range
35.000 N to 170.000 N

Gear Ratios
21 ... 108   

Key Features
Rotating housing flange
Rugged construction
High torque capacity
High load capacity
Freewheel for antirun-back device, as an optional.

Applicable hydraulic motors
Flanged axial piston motors
Orbit motors

Hydraulically released parking brake on request

TypeTorque Nm
805 W25.000
806 W210.000
810 F217.500
811 W227.000
813 W342.000
TypeMax line rope N
805 W235.000
806 W250.000
810 F285.000
811 W2120.000
813 W3170.000