Spare Parts600WT - Wheel Drive Series

Compact Axial Piston Integrated Gearmotor
Bonfiglioli spare parts 600WT - Wheel Drive Series

Bonfiglioli’s 600W wheel drives represent the best choice for wheeled agriculture equipment such as Self-propelled Agricultural Sprayer.
This solution is the perfect combination of proven mechanical parts, with a new, integrated 68cc. variable hydraulic motor especially developed for closed loop, high demanding, applications.

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Technical data

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Gear ratios 26... 31.8

Integrated swash plate hydraulic motor
Available with both hydraulic two position or electric proportional variable displacement control
Zero displacement capable
Spring Applied Hydraulic Release Integrated Parking brake
Easier and faster assembly on the machine

Motor Specifications
Max inlet pressure: 475 bar
Max delta pressure: 450 bar
Max flow: 160 l/min
Max shaft speed: 4700 rpm

Special options
Mechanical gear disengagement
Speed Sensor
Dynamic service brake with inspection port, directly serviceable from motor side (no need of removing it from the machine)

TypeOutput Torque Nm
605 XT12000
606 WT17000
607 WT22000