Spare Parts600 - Wheel drive

Experience and competence applied to wheeled or roller machines
Bonfiglioli spare parts 600 - Wheel drive

Whether you are designing a wheeled agriculture or construction equipment, the 600 wheel drive series will offer you the right choice for your vehicle.
A disengagement device to tow the vehicle in an emergency is optionally available.

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Technical data

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Torque Range   
3.000 ... 85.000 Nm

Gear Ratios   
4,3 ... 153

Key Features   
Rotating housing flange with studs to fit wheels and drums
Rugged design
High torque capacity
High load capacity
Mechanical lifetime seals
Compact design
Optional mechanical gear disengagement on request

Applicable motors   
Cartridge axial piston hydraulic motors
Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
DC electric motors

Hydraulically released parking brake on request

TypeTorque Nm
603 W2..H5.000
603 W2V B7.000
605 W2V10.000
606 W..V17.000
607 W..V22.000
609 W..V30.000
610 W..V36.000
610 X40.000
611 W..V45.000
613 W..V60.000
615 W..V85.000