Spare Parts700C - Travel drive for tracked machines

Suitable travel drive for any tracked machine up to 400 ton
Bonfiglioli spare parts 700C - Travel drive for tracked machines

Bonfiglioli 700C series are perfectly suitable with any crawler and milling machines. Thanks to specific features such as its compact and rugged design, high torque and load capabilities and, the possibility to get a mechanical lifetime seals, these solutions represents the best possible option for the machine.

All units are available with a failsafe parking brake and for most cartridge type fixed or variable.

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Technical data

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Torque Range
1000 ... 625000 Nm

Gear Ratios
5.3 ... 492

Key Features
Rotating housing
Rugged design
High torque capacity
High load capacity
Mechanical lifetime seals
Compact design

Applicable hydraulic motors
Cartridge axial piston motors
Flanged axial piston motors
Orbit motors

Hydraulically released parking brake on request

TypeTorque Nm
700 C1 H1000
701 C12200
703 C2 H4000
705 C2 H10000
706 C3 B18000
707 C3 B26000
709 C3 B30000
710 C3 B36000
711 C3 B45000
713 C3 B60000
715 C3 B85000
716 C3 B100000
717 C3 H130000
718 C3 H180000
720 C3 H220000
722 C3 H330000
724 C4 H450000
726 C4 H625000