Spare Parts700CT - Track drive with Bonfiglioli axial piston hydraulic motor

Track drives with customized Bonfiglioli axial piston hydraulic motors - swash plate type
Bonfiglioli spare parts 700CT - Track drive with Bonfiglioli axial piston hydraulic motor

Integrated design will result into the best possible product combination.
Extreme compactness, lightweight, efficiency and smooth operation are the key features of the 700CT series track drives, powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic motors.
Available for machines in the 2.5 to 9 Ton class range.

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Technical data

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Torque Range
3500 ... 12500 Nm

Machine weight
2.5 up 9 Ton

Gear Ratios
15 ... 53

Key Features
Rotating output flange with large PCD suitable for sprocket
Rugged design
High torque capacity
High load capacity
Mechanical lifetime seals
Compact design

Hydraulic motors
Bonfiglioli Trasmital hydraulic motors, fixed OR dual displacement, with flushing valve circuit, suitable for closed loop applications.

Motor options
Speed sensor mounting.

Hydraulically released spring applied parking brake, with external indipendent port.

TypeTorque [Nm]
702 C2 T3500
704 C2 T5000
705 C2 T9000
706 C2 T12500