Spare Parts700T - Slew drive

Slew drive solution for any application
Bonfiglioli spare parts 700T - Slew drive

Bonfiglioli 700T series provide the safest and most effective solution for cranes, excavators and forestry machines. 

Highly appreciated by all the major manufacturers, the 700T Series have long been established in the cranes, excavators and special equipment industries.

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Technical data

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Torque range 
1000...80000 Nm

Gear Ratios
3.4 ... 2000

Key Features

Flange mounted

Output shaft: splined or with integral pinion

Rugged construction

High torque capacity

Output shafts supported by heavy duty capacity bearings

Hydraulic motors
Hydraulic motor fixed displacement complete with shockless type pressure relief valve

Hydraulic Brake
Hydraulically released parking brake on request

Electric Brake

DC and AC type

TypeExcavator torque* (Nm) Crane Torque (Nm)
700 T1.0001.200
701 T1.8002400
703 2.5003.500
704 3.6004.800
705 5.0006.500
706 7.50010.000
707 9.00015.000
709 12.00020.000
710 18.00030.000
711 20.00035.000
712 30.00045.000
713 40.00055.000
714 50.00065.000
715 70.00080.000