Spare Parts600D - Electric powertrain

Electric powertrains for lightweight vehicles
Bonfiglioli spare parts 600D - Electric powertrain

Bonfiglioli supplies versatile, low noise drives coupled to electric motors for all-electric, battery powered vehicles like urban passenger cars, commercial vehicles and delivery trucks. This solution ensures more energy-efficient operation and extended autonomy from the battery thanks to optimised, low backlash helical gears and high speed bearings.

Bonfiglioli’s 600D Series of drives is extremely lightweight thanks to cast aluminium casings developed using all of Bonfiglioli’s vast process expertise. 600D drives allow vehicle manufacturers to satisfy even the toughest restrictions on gross vehicle weight. They are complemented by a range of electric motors, inverters and matched mechanical joints and shafts to provide vehicle OEMs with complete powertrain solutions.

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Technical data

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  • Light duty, lightweight, battery powered vehicles 
  • Passenger transport and/or commercial deliveries 
  • Urban or suburban use 
  • Vehicle weights from 700 to 3500 kg 
  • Vehicle speeds up to 100 km/h 
  • Battery autonomy from 100 to over 200 km 

Standard features 

  • Multi-stage, parallel shaft gearbox with reduction ratios of up to 1:15 
  • Optimised gear design for maximum efficiency and minimum noise 
  • Integrated mechanical differential 
  • Lightweight cast aluminium housing 
  • Versatile gearbox installation in the chassis 
  • Low voltage electric traction motor with inverter control 

Optional features available on request 

  • Integrated mechanical parking brake 
  • Integrated, high resolution, Hall effect speed sensor 
  • Matched mechanical joints and shafts 
  • Matched electric motors and inverters
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TypeRated motor power [kW]Vehicle weight [kg]