Spare PartsTQK - Precision planetary right angle gearbox

Low backlash right-angle gearboxes
Bonfiglioli spare parts TQK - Precision planetary right angle gearbox

Low backlash bevel-planetary drives of the TQK- Planetary precision right angle gearbox series are the solution to space problems often posed by increasingly compact machines.
TQK drives combine high levels of dynamic operation with top precision, which results in great accuracy and repeatability for any positioning mechanism in which they are installed.
On top of their robustness and dependability TQK drives also feature a distinctive Italian style that makes them clearly recognizable amongst like products within the reference industry

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Technical data

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Torque range
30 ... 800 Nm

Maximum acceleration torque
45 ... 1200 Nm

Transmiossion ratios
3 ... 100

Output configuration
Square flange mounting

Input configuration
Wide range of coupling configurations to suit most
common servomotors

Smooth, keyless output shaft

Lubricated for life

TypeRated torque [Nm]Acceleration torque [Nm]
TQK 0603045
TQK 07070100
TQK 090200300
TQK 130400600
TQK 1608001.200
TQ features two classes of precision, corresponding to the following values of circumferential backlash
2-stage units: standard φs ≤ 5’ reduced φR ≤ 4’ (φs ≤ 6’; φR ≤ 5’ for TQK 060 and TQK 070)
3-stage units: standard φs ≤ 7’ reduced φR ≤ 6’ (φs ≤ 8’; φR ≤ 7’ for TQK 060 and TQK 070)