Spare PartsTA series - Shaft mounted reducer

The sturdy and wheather-resistant product for the material handling industry
Bonfiglioli spare parts TA series - Shaft mounted reducer

The TA series - Shaft mounted reducer has long established itself in the industry until becoming a best seller for the quarry and mine applications where absolute reliability and low maintenance are key factors.
Also appreciated is the backstop option that prevents backdriving in case of incline conveyors.

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Technical data

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Torque Range (n1= 900 min-1)
150 Nm ... 16.000 Nm

Mechanical Rating (n1= 900 min-1)
1,1 kW ... 156 kW

Gear ratios
5,0 ... 31,5

Keyed hollow shaft
Up to three bore options per frame sIze

Sturdy cast housing suitable for outdoor installation

Available on all frame sizes - externally accessible

TypeTorque Nm
TA 30150
TA 35400
TA 40900
TA 451.350
TA 502.100
TA 603.500
TA 704.900
TA 806.600
TA 10010.500
TA 12516.000