Spare PartsRAN - Bevel gears

The handy drive when it comes to angled transmissions
Bonfiglioli spare parts RAN - Bevel gears

The units of the RAN - Bevel gears series are designed to fit the purpose of transmission laid out in right angle setting. Easy to fit and almost maintenance-free, RAN units offer multiple shaft arrangements and a choice of several exact gear ratios, beside the 1:1, that come handy when designing synchronized drive system. Also available in the version for screw jack duty.

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Technical data

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Torque Range
3 Nm... 3.000 Nm

Mechanical Rating (n1= 1400 min-1)
0.15 kW ... 91 kW

Gear ratios
1,0 ... 7,4

Shaft Arrangement
Single or Double Shaft Projection

Solid Input Shaft

RAN 1 / RAN 2 / RAN 2R

Solid-Single and Double Projection
Output Shaft
Keyed Hollow

Gear Ratios
i = 3

Rated Thrust Capacity

RAN 1    50.000 N
RAN 2    80.000 N
RAN 2R    150.000 N

TypeTorque Nm
RAN 11.350
RAN 23.000
RAN 2R3.000
TypeTorque Nm
RAN 83
RAN 158
RAN 1815
RAN 2028
RAN 2480
RAN 2539
RAN 38300
RAN 48600