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A range of compact servomotors
Bonfiglioli spare parts BTD - Compact servo motor

BTD Compact servo motor Series servomotors are designed to provide effective solutions for applications demandinghigh efficiency, compact motors.The extremely small size of these actuators, achieved by the use of advanced materials and designtechnology, ensures exceptional dynamics and low temperature operation.Equipped with IP65 push-pull connectors (IP67 connectors are optional), in conformity to EMC requirements, and a PTC temperature probe with reinforced insulation, these motors guarantee secure electrical connections under all ambient operating conditions.

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Technical data

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Stall torque
0,26 Nm … 27 Nm

Rated speed
3000, 4500 min-1

Power supply
230, 400 Vac

Low for BTD sizes from 0.26 Nm … to 1 Nm

2006/95/EC (LVD) and 2004/108/EC (EMC)

DC brake
Optional 24 Vdc


TypeTorque Nm
BTD2 00260.26
BTD2 00530.53
BTD2 00740.74
BTD2 00950.95
BTD3 00950.95
BTD3 01901.90
BTD3 03253.25
BTD3 04204.20
BTD4 04104.10
BTD4 06306.30
BTD4 08608.60
BTD5 116011.60
BTD5 149014.90
BTD5 187018.70
BTD5 273027.30