Terms and usage conditions of BRT spa web site

This web site is of exclusive property of:

The use of the website constitutes implicit acceptation of terms and conditions here below specified.

1. Intellectual property

All contents, documents, images, trademarks, logos, names of products and services on this web Site are of exclusive intellectual property of BRT SPA. All contents, documents, images, trademarks, logos, names of products and of systems cannot - even partially - be copied and / or reproduced and / or transferred and / or modified and / or published and / or distributed without a written permission of BRT SpA, except for the limits of what is necessary for their online viewing.

It is possible to print the pages of this web site exclusively for personal use and under the following conditions :
(a) without alterations in the contents, in the documents, in the images, in the trademarks, in the logos, in the product names ;
(b) that all contents, documents, images, trademarks, logos, names of products and of systems are not used separately from the original texts ;
(c) that copyrights, trademarks, BRT SPA commercial logo or other texts appear on all printed copies .

It is strictly forbidden the use, for any purpose, of parts of the website not in harmony with these conditions. B.R.T. SPA reserves the rights to prosecute any illegal use of the contents of this web site.

2. Link to the website

It is strictly forbidden to create, with any system, a link to the BRT SpA website without the prior written consensus of BRT. However any link created must be always direct to BRT home webpage.

3. Access to services

Although B.R.T. SpA does his best to ensure the web site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our company will not be responsible if, for any reason, the site will not be available at a given time and / or for a specific period of time. Access to the website could also be suspended and / or terminated, without any prior notice, in case of servers faults, maintenance, reparation or for any other reason beyond the control of BRT SpA, and in all cases when B.R.T. SpA considers it is necessary to stop the service.

4. Data protection

B.R.T. SpA respects the privacy of personal data of those who visit the website, in accordance with Laws (Decree of 30 June 2003 , n . 196 ) In accordance with these regulations personal data of those who visit and/or register in our online form will be collected and processed for specific purposes ( request of information, services, receipt of merchandises etc)
B.R.T. SpA reserves the rights to keep track of website visits.
Website visitors who fill out online surveys authorize BRT to use their answers for commercial purposes and for marketing researches.

5. Website Visitors and Contents

Except for personal data, which are handled according to Laws regulating Privacy & Cookies, all other contents, information exchange and / or transmitted and / or posted on the website will be considered non-confidential and not of BRT propriety, consequently BRT will have no obligations or responsibilities for such contents and information. B.R.T. SpA and the internal Authority named at this purpose will be entitled to copy, disclose, distribute, post or use these contents, information, data, images, sounds, texts and all other elements for any purpose.

Anyone is sending these contents guarantees that he is entitled to do it and agrees to remove any responsibility of BRT SpA from legal prosecutions by third parties in relation to these contents.

It is strictly forbidden to post on the website or to spread the following contents:

  1. that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, anti - racial , discriminatory , threatening, scandalous , instigate, blasphemous, in violation of confidential privacy or inopportune;
  2. without the necessary authorizations and licenses;
  3. that constitutes or incites a conduct considered criminal or offensive, contrary to Laws or violating the rights of third parties in any possible country in the world
  4. that is technically harmful (for example, computer viruses, malwares, " Trojan horses " , worms, harmful components , corrupted data or other malicious software or harmful data)

It is strictly prohibited for visitors to misuse the website like, for example, carrying hacking attacks. B.R.T. will fully cooperate with Authorities who may request and / or order BRT to disclose the identities and / or help locating anyone who posts material in violation with these paragraphs and / or the regulations this website; BRT reserves the rights to take actions for damage claims.

6. Contents accuracy
The information contained in this website are the most comprehensive and up to date as possible. However, B.R.T. assumes no responsibilities for the correctness, completeness and update of this information. B.R.T. reserves also the rights to make changes to the website and to the information contained therein at any time and at its sole discretion.

The links that appear in the website might link to sites owned and / or operated by third parties. Those who decide to visit a website linked to that of BRT assumes any related risk. B.R.T. does not guarantee and cannot be held responsible for the information contained in the connected websites.

7. Responsibility
B.R.T. SpA and his management, employees, subcontractors and representatives exclude any liability for injuries or damages of any kind, that could occur to third parties, related with the misuse or the non-availability of the website or of any web site linked to our website and / or for material herein contained.
Access to the website is subject to the use of appropriate protection systems from viruses or other malicious or harmful software. Visitors raise B.R.T. SpA from any liability for loss and / or damages caused by viruses or other malwares as a result of navigating on this website or of downloading of malicious contents from this website or from other linked websites.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Any dispute arising out of the use of this website, or on the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions of access to the website, shall be exclusively addressed to the Court of Bologna and will be governed by the Italian laws.


Law D.LGS n. 196 30th. June 2003 art. 13
Pursuant to and for the purposes of Art . 13 of Legislative Decree no . 30 June 2003 n . 196 , " Code regarding the protection of “personal data" , the following is stated :

1. Data provided by visitors even with the aid of electronic or automated systems, including e-mail will be treated and communicated directly from BRT SpA (hereinafter " BRT SpA " ) and / or by individuals designated by or by representatives or by third parties, whether or not belonging to the same BRT SpA Group, for purposes related to the use of the website or for the delivery of required services, for statistical purposes, for sending advertising & marketing products or services of BRT SpA or of associated companies, as well as for the fulfillment of all obligations by Law, regulations and legislation and / or for the implementation of regulations issued by authorities and / or for carrying out activities aimed at the prevention or suppression of computer frauds.

2. Visitors give consent to the processing of personal data collected in the registration forms for the purposes related to the above mentioned purposes and accept the conditions of access to this website. These data are considered mandatory because they will allow us to perform properly access to the required services and their absence or withdrawal may result in the interruption of the relationship.

3. The use of data for commercial purposes ( sending of advertising material, publicity etc. ) is subject to a voluntary specific consent by visitors and the possible absence will not affect the approaches of access to the website services. Whenever B.R.T. SpA intends to collect data for these purposes, visitors will be asked to give or not give their explicit consent to the treatment.

4. Above data, as well as those developed by third parties, will not be subject to communication outside the limits of Laws and their treatment will be based on principles of fairness, legality and transparency in order to protect personal data and customer rights.

5. B.R.T. SpA , is the owner, pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/03, of the processing of personal data and the Legal Representative pro tempore of the company is obliged to all obligations requested by Laws.

6. At any time customers may exercise the rights against data controller, under Article 7 of D.lgs.196 / 2003, which for clarity we fully quote: " Art . 7 - Rights of access to personal data and other rights.

1. You have the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning you, even if not yet registered and of their communication in a comprehensible format;

2. You have the right to obtain information about:

  1. origin of personal data;
  2. purposes and methods of treatment;
  3. the logic applied in case of treatment also with the help of electronic means;
  4. he identity of the owner, manager and the representative appointed under article 5 paragraph 2;
  5. the subjects or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated to or who may learn about them as appointed managers or representative agents in the country.

3. You have the right to obtain:

  1. update, rectification or data integration when necessary;
  2. the deletion, the block of data illegally processed, including data that do not need to be kept for the purposes for which the data have been collected or subsequently processed;
  3. certifications that operations in positions 1 ) and 2) have been notified to the recipients, also with regards to their contents, except for the cases in which this requirement is impossible or involves a huge quantity of means that is disproportionate to the protected data;

4. You have the right to object, in whole or in part:

  1. for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;
  2. for the processing of personal data for advertising or direct sales or for carrying out market researches or commercial communications;

In order to exercise the above rights (Art . 7 Legislative Decree 196/2003 ) write to BRT SPA - Via Castagnini, 2/4 - 40012 Calderara di Reno ( BO ) - Italy.


Our Policy about Cookies and Personal Data protection

We inform visitors that personal data provided for registration to this website, as well as for accessing to the services available through the website, shall be handled by B.R.T. SpA in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n . 196. We also inform you that on this website we publish full information in accordance with art . 13 of Leg. D. 196/03 .

This Policy provides explanations about our cookies and how to protect the privacy of visitors while using our website.

1. Type of data processed and links to other websites
B.R.T. SpA is committed to respect Personal Data protection" . Through this website, B.R.T. SpA collects personal information that you are choosing to share and also information obtained through cookies, as detailed here below:

This website may also contain links to other websites of BRT SpA or of third-party websites or websites of social media. By clicking the links to these external websites of third parties you will accept that these websites have their own policies on personal data protection.

2. Data collection and use
If you provide B.R.T. SpA with personal data we store and process these information for the purposes referred to the personal data treatment. In addition, in order to make our website more accessible to users in terms of performances, usability and for providing more useful information about our products and services, we automatically store data on log files on your computer.

These include the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer, browser type and language settings , operating system, Internet service provider ( ISP ) and the visit date / time.
We will use these information to manage the website in an efficient way, learning more about the behaviors of our website users, analyzing trends and gathering demographic data about our visitors.

The information collected can be used for marketing, advertising and communicational operations ( for example in order to optimize and improve the visitors experience by providing more attractive special offers and services ), in accordance with Laws and Regulations.

In case we should employ personal data with non-personal information, such information will be treated as personal data, as long as they will remained combined together.

3. Use of cookies

This website, e-mails, online services, advertisements and interactive applications may use "cookies " for services optimization.

What is a " cookie " ?

A " cookie " is a small file, typically made up of letters and numbers that we send to the hard disk of your computer through our web server. It for example allows our website to recognize a user's device once a connection between the web server and the browser to this website is established. The main purpose of a cookie is to enable our web server to present the user with customized web pages, that makes the experience of visiting our website more personal and relevant to the visitor’ requirements.
Which are the cookies used on this website?

On this website, B.R.T. may use two types of cookies :

  • Session cookies :

They are stored in the temporary cookies folders of your browser that contains the cookies until you finish your browser session. These cookies are required for certain applications or features for the proper purpose of website functioning

  • Persistent cookies :

We use persistent cookies to improve visitor experiences ( eg. providing optimized internet surfing ) These cookies remain in your browser cookies folder for a longer period of time. The length of this period depends on your choice within the settings of your internet browsers. Persistent cookies allow you to transfer the information to a web server each time you will visit our website. Persistent cookies are also known under the name of tracking cookies.

Other information are also available on line, if you want to learn more see for example : http://www.allaboutcookies.org

4. Third party cookies

B.R.T. SpA may use third party advertisers for commercials and for optimizing its communications related to marketing operations. Third party advertisers employ cookies to estimate the effectiveness of advertisements and in order to make more personal advertising contents. Among the information collected by third party advertisers, we may include data such as those concerning geolocalization ( obtained from browser IP address ) or contact details such as e-mail obtained through the website specific forms.

5. Tracking and analysis

At the purpose of marketing communications continuous optimization, BRT SpA employs the analytical software called " Google Analytics " provided by Google Inc. It allows to follow the online behaviors of visitors in terms of time, geographical location and use of the website. The information is collected via tracking pixels and / or cookies. Information obtained through the tracking pixels and / or cookies are anonymous and not linked to personal data. All necessary information about these analysis are stored on servers located in Italy. B.R.T. will not share these information with third parties for an independent use.

6. Enabling and disabling cookies and similar technologies
If you accept cookies, then you will have the opportunity to reject them by changing the settings on your Internet browser. For example , if you use the version of Internet Explorer 8.0 , you must do the following steps:
1. select tools and go to Internet options
2.click in the Privacy tab
3.use the mouse to locate the desired settings

For other Internet browsers, please refer to on line specific instructions on how to change the settings or for deleting cookies.

Please note that some features of this website will not be available if you disable cookies.

7. Amendements to this Personal Data Policy

Any future change to this Policy will be posted on this page. We suggest you to regularly visit our Policy in order to find updates and amendments.

8. How to contact us

For any question, comment or request regarding this Policy terms please contact us at the below address. If you want to learn more about our Personal Data Policy go to the specific page of this website.

P.I. - C.F.- REG. IMPRESE (CCIAA) N° 01694141209