BRT quality certifications reflect the ones of Bonfiglioli Group in order to keep undiminished all the elements and parameters that distinguish the excellence of Bonfiglioli brand all over in the world.


Quality certification ISO 9001

BRT in 2003 started a reorganizational process that led the company to achieve quality Certification ISO 9001:2000/2008 in 2004. All processes have been revised applying the rules requested by ISO 9001; we defined a quality manual that contains all procedures and operating instructions for all the company processes.
In addition to the yearly basis inspection of the certifying Authority (TUV SUD) our internal quality Dept. and Bonfiglioli Riduttori personnel carry out regular examinations of all processes in order to verify that BRT follows the rigid quality procedures imposed by Bonfiglioli for finished products assembly and spare parts supply.
Operating instructions and all equipments used for the assemblies are those defined by the manufacturer in order to provide customer with original spare parts, always in conformity with Bonfiglioli quality standard procedures.

In 2016 BRT has completely redesigned the quality system starting from the basic principles of the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, focusing on news that the rule as proposed in particular: risk analysis, the active participation of the resources, focus on mission and vision, thus arriving at securing renewed and effective quality system.

In June 14th. 2016 BRT has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015,
ranking among the very first Italian companies in the industry to achieve this difficult goal.

Environmental Policy - UNI EN ISO 14001 : 2015

BRT is committed to responsibly carry out its business in a manner that at any time ensures the safety of its employees and stakeholders, ensuring that any environment negative impact is reduced to the least technically and economically feasible levels we have also defined and implemented a policy in order to be able to monitor our Environmental Management System. The commitment to protect the environment aims not only to prevent negative environmental impacts through pollution prevention, but to protect the natural environment from damage and degradation resulting from the activity of products and services.

Code of Conduct

Ethical Code of Conduct in a company means taking into account the specific interests of stakeholders and defining concrete applying procedures. For these reasons, its success depends on a strong will Management, responsibility and Management consistency.
The values that guide BRT like Consistency, Determination, Transparency, Team spirit in order to be effectively applied in compliance with lows and moral values need operational tools like regular personnel education, friendly and cooperative atmosphere, promotion of self- training etc. BRT is working in order to encourage dialogue and participation within the company as a means of promotion and of approval of the Ethical code and for keeping these values always alive.


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